…Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some great gift and recipe ideas we hope inspire the best Valentine’s Day ever. Let’s start with the obvious:

1. Plan ahead.  When is Valentine’s Day 2014? February 14th, 2014.  Same calendar date as always, but this year it falls on a Friday. Hooray! You and your date, friends, or just yourself (for all of you out there celebrating S.A.D. or Singles Awareness Day) won’t have to cut the evening short because it’s a work night.

2. Write a card to your loved ones. It’s always nice to get a letter from someone who loves you; seize the opportunity to connect or reconnect this Valentine’s Day by reaching out to those you care about! A handmade card will make this interaction even more special.  If you’re not sure how to make a Valentine’s Day card, here are a couple awesome DIY V-day cards for your consideration.

Love in a KilnerJar

An awesome card idea/template available to download and print for your loved one (via DC2NYConfessions).

Love Bug Valentine Kilner Jar Inspired

An adorable option for those of you who want to make valentines for many people (coworkers, classmates, etc.). Find this free -not to mention creative and well designed- printable here (via Dandee Designs). We’re Kilner Jar crazy here at Pacific Merchants, if you couldn’t tell.

3. Cook, bake, or make something with love. A perfect gift for those awesome people in your life to show you care about them, whether or not it’s Valentine’s Day! If you’re stuck on what to get a guy for Valentines day, baked goods always, ALWAYS work. They’re universal, gender neutral, and totally delicious!

Made with Love Cookies in a Jar Cookies in a Kilner Jar

Cookies in a jar.  Who won’t love this? Free gift tag template available here (via eighteen25). Perfect in any of our Kilner Preserve Jars or Kilner Clip Top Jars. Many sizes available to fit your wants and needs. If you’d rather not bake the cookies, give your loved ones cookie mix in a jar.  All they do is add butter and eggs, bake, and voila! Fresh cookies.

Cake in a Jar

Red Velvet Cake in a Kilner Jar

Cake in a Jar?  Even better.  Check out this red velvet cake in a jar. Best part? Made in the microwave for a quick and easy solution to last minute V-Day planning (via Steph’s Bite by Bite). Best in our .25L Kilner Preserve Jar or our .5L Kilner Preserve Jar. We also have a great recipe/DIY jar cake post from a few months ago that was really awesome! Whether you want to bake or microwave cake, this is the perfect end to a Valentine’s day picnic! It’s a portable, delicious treat!

Sugar Scrub Recipe

Make some sugar scrub. A homemade valentines day gift that everyone will love! Personal, enjoyable and heartfelt (via Sugar & Cloth). Gift in our 125mL or our .35L Kilner Clip Top Jars.

For more ideas and inspiration, head over to our Valentine’s Day Board on Pinterest.  Any ideas/success stories you’d like to share? Talk to us in the comments.


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