As I’m sure you’re all well-aware, the Superbowl is right around the corner. When is the Superbowl? February Second, 2014. With this year’s Superbowl tickets costing upwards of $2,500 a pop (if you can find one.)  There’s a pretty good chance that you’re watching the game from on a TV somewhere. And there’s a really good chance that your friends are going to be watching the big game (or just the awesome commercials) as well. So why not take the time and host an awesome Superbowl party?  To help you out, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Superbowl Foods.  After all, with a great game, great company and  good food, you’ve got a great party.

Guacamole in Acaciaware

First up is one of our very own signature recipes: Our Easy Guacamole Recipe.  Making Guacamole from Scratch is easy, and with a few guidelines, you’ll get restaurant-quality guac every time. Head on over to our website to find the best guacamole recipe ever! This and some chips is enough to get your party going.  Serve it in a large bowl or in an Acacia wood chip and dip tray for easy snacking.

Queso Fundido

Along with the chips and guacamole, try out some queso fundido. Nothing says game day comfort like gooey, melting cheese.  It goes beautifully with your chips and guac but stands out on its own too! We got our recipe from Chef Rick Bayless in Food and Wine, and we’ve never looked back.  It’s the best Superbowl food to nosh on when your team is down and you just need a little comfort. Serve in a slightly warm Mason Cash bowl to keep the cheese melty and awesome all game long.


For a heftier option, I love to serve a big tray of sliders.  They’re perfectly portable, and their size makes these miniature burgers easy to eat rather than messy, which is ideal if you’ve got a whole bunch of guests eating on your couch, jumping  up and cheering, and being generally festive. My favorite recipe (and the photo above) came from Serious Eats. It’s seriously the best recipe for sliders I’ve ever found, and I’ve NEVER had any leftovers.

Deviled Eggs Wood Tray

Another great Superbowl finger food is deviled eggs.  My favorite recipe comes from The Amateur Gourmet. It’s a deviled egg recipe that’s both simple and highly flavorful. I’ve seen variations with everything from bacon to sausage to wasabi in the eggs, but I love that this version is both classic and vegetarian. It’s hard to find vegetarian Superbowl food, but we sure do our best.  I serve these on a big tray with a small bowl of spicy pepper for the heat-seekers at my party.  And I always make twice as many as I think I need.

superbowl quinoa chili

Another awesome vegetarian dish for the Superbowl is this Quinoa Chili from Two Peas and Their Pod. It’s hearty, rib-sticking food that both vegetarians and carnivores love!  Plus, you’ll really enjoy any leftovers you may have.  I serve mine in small Mason Cash soup bowls. They’re the perfect size to fit in someone’s hand, since there never seems to be enough coffee table space to go around.

Chicken wings

Last but not least, Hot wings. Whether you call them hot wings, buffalo wings, or just wings, these beauties are the ultimate game food. I love that our recipe is baked rather than fried, to keep things a little healthier. But between the Garlic, the Soy and the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, we don’t sacrifice any flavor, just a few calories, to leave room for the extra deviled egg, an extra slider, or maybe a beer.


I hope that you enjoy the Superbowl, no matter what the outcome! Cheers to an awesome game!


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