Getting wedding invitations by the bucket full?  So are we. Facebook feed flooded with holiday-season engagement announcements? Here too. Wedding season is right around the corner, and most brides and grooms we know are starting to embark on the exciting yet daunting planning and preparation journey.

If you have a soon-to-be bride or groom in your life or are making decorations for your own wedding, here are a few DIY wedding Kilner Jar crafts to get those creative juices flowing.

We have a jar obsession.  Why? Jars are great for floral arrangements, as candle holders, for food presentation, and as party favors.  Super neutral in color and shape, Kilner Jars are highly customizable making them a great addition and solution to any wedding ceremony or party need, no matter the theme or color scheme.  A wedding must-have!

Kilner Jar Crafts, Wedding DIY

1. Lace Lanterns (picture by LG Weddings via Oh Lovely Day). Simply cut lace to appropriate size, dabble a small amount of hot glue to tack down the lace, wrap lace around jar, and tack down again to complete. It’s a great way to tie some details from a wedding dress in with the decor.  We recommend using flameless tea lights as you don’t have to replace them throughout the event, and they are less likely to cause any trouble (especially if you have kids running around). Both our .25L Kilner Preserve Jars and our .5L Kilner Preserve Jars are the perfect size for this project.  If you’re looking to make a larger lantern or centerpiece, our 1L Kilner Preserve Jar might be your best bet.

Jar Cakes Wedding DIY

2. Wedding Cake Kilner Jars (Photo by Lisa Marie via 100LayerCake). Avoid the mess, learning how to cut a wedding cake, and the hefty costs associated with buying said cake(s).  Instead, make cute, individual desserts in jars! Use our .5L Kilner Preserve Jars for this project.  P.S. If you’re looking for great wedding photography, check out Lisa Marie’s website; her work is truly stunning.

Kilner Jar Wedding DIY

3. Kilner Jars work really well in beautiful floral arrangement displays (photo via MarketPlaceWeddings). They coexist beautifully with other decorations due to their neutral color, are low enough to the table so you can still see and converse with the folks across the way, and lend an air of vintage rustic elegance to any wedding. Plus, you can cluster 3 or 4 small jars of flowers to really make a big impact.

Drink Jars

4. Drink jars (via Southern Weddings)!  A great way to reduce waste, know who a drink belongs to, and send guests home with a favor to remember the night…or to collect for yourself. I recommend our .5L Kilner Preserve Jars for drink use.

5. Food/buffet presentation ( Krystle Akin Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic). Our Kilner Push Top Jars work perfectly for large, easy access catering storage. They’re a sleek update to the classic cookie jar and are awesome for outdoor weddings, where you might want to protect food from the elements.

For more Kilner Jar DIY craft ideas and photo inspiration, check out our Wedding Craft Pin Board. Talk to us in the comments about your jar craft ideas, or any questions you may have.


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  1. i’m obsessed with glass jars and this blogpost!


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