October 25, 2013

Halloween Drink Roundup

Congratulations, my lovely readers.  You have made it to Halloween weekend!  Happy Friday; you best be excited.

For all you adults -21 and over- spooking out this weekend, I’ve pulled together a few awesome Halloween and fall drink recipes.  Super fun and easy drinks to enhance your Halloween merrymaking.  You can never have too much fun, festivity, and tastiness. Whether you’re throwing a party, attending a party, or staying in watching spooky movies, these sweet, spicy libations are sure to help you feel a little more in the spirit!

We suggest that you serve these on the rocks in our half liter Kilner Preserve Jars, or straight up in our .25 liter preserve jars. The great thing about making cocktails in jars is that the jars double as cocktail shakers – Screw on the lid and shake, remove the lid and sip. Easy as that.

Slurrrrrrp…let the celebrations begin.  Stay safe, don’t drive drunk, and be responsible.

Halloween Cocktail

1. Sugar, from Cooking with Sugar, brings us the “delicious but deadly” Vampire Kiss Martini. It’s delicious and strawberry flavored, but check out that bite!

candy corn cocktail

2. Sparkling Candy Corn Infused Vodka.  If you like vodka, and you like candy corn, voila.  (Via She Knows).

Halloween Cocktail

3. Dark and Stormy Death Punch, via Food & Wine.  Looks great, tastes better. It’s definitely a spooky twist on a classic favorite cocktail!

Halloween Cocktail Fall Cocktail

3.  Like bourbon?  This is the drink for you; “Pumpkin Sour”. Check it out at The Liquid Culture Project. Bonus: Saturday, Oct 26 is National Pumpkin Day!  Built in excuse to enjoy!

Spiced Apple Cider Kilner Jars Fall Cocktail

4. Spiced Apple Cider.  Mmmmmmmm. (Via A Beautiful Mess). This one’s delicious without the alcohol as well, so whether or not you imbibe, you’re covered.


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  2. […] Halloween Drink Roundup (pacificmerchants.wordpress.com) […]


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