Looking for a festive, colorful, interactive way to serve and display candy for Halloween?  Look no further; Kilner Jars were born to do just this.  Half the fun of Halloween candy (or just candy in general) is the variety of shapes and colors candy come in. If you’re having a party, consider setting up a colorful candy bar with Kilner jars instead of hiding your candy in a bucket, bag, or bowl. You and your guests won’t be disappointed.  Featured below are our preserve jars, clip top jars, and push top jars.  Also featured are some Jar-O-Lanterns we made last week!  Check out our DIY blog post to make your own and add a little extra festiveness to your Halloween candy display! If you’re serving to a group of friends, I suggest setting out either some of our empty Kilner spice jars or 0.25 liter preserve jars for guests to fill with candy! Its like trick-or-treating, but fancier!

Happy Halloween prep, folks! As you can see with this project, it’s never too late to get some decorations up  – these jars are as decorative as they are fun!  Awesome drink recipe to be featured tomorrow; Stay tuned. Believe me, you won’t want to miss it!

Halloween treats in Kilner jars

Kilner Halloween Candy Jars

Kilner Jars Halloween

Kilner Halloween Food in Jars

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