Hey, folks.  Here are a few more Halloween projects and products to make your Halloween prep and hump day a little more fun and creative. Halloween is two weeks away; start scheduling some dedicated craft time this week and next (and online retail therapy now!); you won’t regret it.

Ready?  Let’s go!



1. For a glamorous take on Halloween, I give you Gem-O-Lanterns. Brought to you by Molly Madfis via Design Sponge.



2. Skull String Art from Elise + Emma at A Beautiful Mess.  Definitely geared towards those of you with a passion for precision in craft making.


3. Kilner Jar Spider Votives (via Formal Fringe). Use our .25 L Kilner Preserve Jars for this sophisticated, simple project.


4. Spider lights. HOW AWESOME (via Lights4fun). Order a variety of Kilner Preserve Jar sizes here.

Have a great rest of the day, and stay tuned for our Crafty Halloween Roundup Part III on Friday.

Yours Truly,

Pacific Merchant

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